To meet quality standards for Nacel Open Door hosting programs, comply with U.S. Department of State regulations for secondary student exchange programs, and most of all, to assure foreign parents that their children are placed in appropriate host families, all host families must be thoroughly screened and vetted. We are confident you would want the same assurance if a family in another country were hosting you or your child.


The Nacel Open Door Host Family Application process consists of three steps:

Program Selection
Criminal Background Check
Host Family Application (including References & Home Visit)


After selecting the program(s) for which you wish to host, each adult member of the host family household must complete the online authorization for a criminal background check.

Following the criminal background check, please complete Parts 1 and 2 of the Host Family Application, and submit your completed application.


If you have questions or need assistance with any portion of the application, please contact your Nacel Open Door Local Representative or the Nacel Open Door National Office (1-800-622-3553 or [email protected]).

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